Lab Equipment

SynCat lab equipment available to all Chemistry researchers

Contact Spencer Heins (; 7405 North Tower) for training and calendar access


Available Equipment

Coming Soon! Water UPLC-MS will be installed in March

Mettler Toledo EasyMax 102 and EasySampler 1210

Shimadzu Nexus Prep-HPLC

Avantor Super-C18 Column, Shimadzu Polar Elite C18 Column

Equipped with autosampler and fraction collector

Chilled Lumidox (Analytical Sales & Services)

Equipped with 24-well LED array (420 nm)

Polyscience chiller for temperature control (-18-50 oC)

Glass-col large capacity shaker for reliable mixing

Double Glove Box

Torrey Pines heating/cooling dry bath and shaker

Housed in glove-box

Equipped to hold Analytical Sales 96-well plates

V&P Scientific Tumble Stirrer

Pacer Photochemistry LED Illuminator

Peltier temperature controller

LED arrays for 48-well plates: 365, 420, 450, 525 nm